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Very important after installing MSYS

Using MSYS with MinGW It is convenient to have your MinGW installation mounted on /mingw, since /mingw is on MSYS PATH by default. For this to work, just type (assuming MinGW is on c:\mingw): mount c:/mingw /mingw mingw-get install autotools To install 3rd party library and applications which uses the autotools build system the following commands are often used. ./configure… Read more →

Build OpenSSL using MSYS

Download latest OpenSSL from (e.g. openssl-1.0.1c.tar.gz) Start a MSYS command prompt (C:\msys\1.0\msys.bat) Extract tar.gz using MSYS tar (and ignore the symlink warnings) don’t use 7zip or other apps, since they fail to set up any symlinks! tar will also complain about symlinks, but compilation will still succeed. $ tar xvzf openssl-1.0.1c.tar.gz $ cd openssl-1.0.1c Check that gcc is in… Read more →

What is __gxx_personality_v0 and its solutions

Intro It is used in the stack unwiding tables, which you can see for instance in the assembly output of my answer to another question. As mentioned on that answer, its use is defined by the Itanium C++ ABI, where it is called the Personality Routine. The reason it “works” by defining it as a global NULL void pointer is… Read more →

Qt Flags Info

$(ENV_VAR) : Point local variable $$(ENV_VAR) : Access global environment variable and more like qmake way QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += $$(CXXFLAGS) QMAKE_CFLAGS += $$(CFLAGS) QMAKE_LFLAGS += $$(LDFLAGS) This makes qmake respect those environment variables. Note that qmake uses LFLAGS instead of LDFLAGS. Also For all type of builds QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += -O1 If you would like to apply flags to just the release… Read more →